Honouring the Three Most Important Men in My Life

ACRF donor Linda Boettcher has left a bequest in her Will to honour the three most important men in her life.

Her brother, her husband and her father.

“My brother Ian passed from Leukaemia in 1979, aged just 20 years old. He was a fun loving, cheeky, healthy young man who rode motorbikes and lived life at full tilt.  

“After my brother died, Dad’s employer, Philips, made a generous donation to ACRF. Dad was so impressed with ACRF he joined the ACRF board of trustees.

“Dad quickly immersed himself in ACRF. He loved that ACRF specifically funded research equipment and technology. No charity in Australia, then or now, provides this sort of funding for cancer,” Linda said.

In 1984 Linda met and fell in love with a 6’5” Scotsman (also named Ian) who later became her husband. 

“My husband Ian, and my brother Ian would have got on like a house on fire. They both had a wicked sense of humour. Ian and I had 25 wonderful years together, spanning Scotland, the US, and finally Australia. Ian loved Australia so much, he quickly became a proud citizen.”

But just when life was at its best, cancer returned to upend Linda’s life again.

“In August 2007, Ian was diagnosed with a Glioblastoma Multiform (GBM), a brain cancer.

“Three months after Ian’s diagnosis, my beloved Dad, John was also diagnosed with cancer.

“Illness can have a strange effect on people. Ian and I were always very close, but his diagnosis brought us even closer. As Dad and Ian were both going through cancer treatments simultaneously, they had shared experiences and were a great support to each another.

“Tragically Ian left us in July 2010.

“Dad was always a very active, healthy and fit person. He exercised daily and his diagnosis of liver and bowel cancer didn’t slow him down. He kept up his strict regime of diet, exercise and daily stretching. He was an inspiration to us all.

“He received his OAM in 2003 for his service to community groups and industry associations and was an ACRF Trustee for 28 years – a wonderful heritage. We are so proud of him.

“Dad was then, and is now, an inspiration. When he passed in September 2012, he left a big hole in the lives of my mother and my two sisters.

“Today I consider myself part of the greater ACRF family. My Mum and my sisters and I attend ACRF events and keep up to date with the ground-breaking research ACRF supporters help make possible.

“When it came time to update my Will, there was not a question in my mind about leaving a bequest to ACRF. Cancer has touched my life so deeply and I know the impact ACRF funding has on advancing research outcomes.

“My bequest to ACRF honours my brother, my husband and my father. Despite having this horrible disease in common, all three of them were full of life, had a great sense of humour and kept a positive attitude throughout their illnesses. I am so very proud to have been part of their lives.

“And I know my bequest couldn’t go to better cause or organisation.”

– Linda Bottecher

If you would like more information on leaving a bequest to ACRF, please go to https://www.acrf.com.au/get-involved/leave-a-gift-in-your-will/