ACRF Victorian Centre for Functional Genomics in Cancer

  • Research Institute: Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

  • Amount granted: $2.5 million

  • Year granted: 2008

The ACRF Victorian Centre for Functional Genomics at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre was opened in March 2010. Most researchers using the ACRF-funded centre have focused on aspects of cancer biology to help understand the resistance to cancer treatment drugs.

They have investigated genes that are important in regulating cell shape and changes in cell behaviour, which may lead to understanding what drives metastasis (the spread of cancer cells) in an individual.

The integrated systems, which included a fully automated liquid handling robotic platform and high throughout microscope, formed the most comprehensive functional genomics facility in Victoria at the time.

ACRF Victorian Centre for Functional Genomics in Cancer has been fully accessible to biomedical researchers across Australia with cutting-edge technology allowing them to analyse the function of all genes in the human genome.

Senior researchers: Professor Joe Trapani, Associate Professor Ricky W. Johnstone, Dr Kaylene Simpson, Dr Kieran Harvey