ACRF Spatial Immune-oncology Research Program

  • Research Institute: Children's Cancer Institute of Australia

  • Amount granted: $2 million

  • Year granted: 2023

$2 million awarded to Children’s Cancer Institute in New South Wales, to establish the ACRF Spatial Immune-oncology Research Program.

Immunotherapy is the most appealing anti-cancer approach of the modern era but the positive results seen in adults are as yet not paralleled for childhood cancers. This world-leading program will utilise the latest technologies (new to Australia) to cast light on the complex interactions between cancer cells and immune cells in children, accelerating the discovery, development, and deployment of new and effective immune-based therapeutic strategies for children with cancer.

This grant builds on the $8.6m previously awarded by ACRF to Children’s Cancer Institute and will build on and integrate with the ZERO Childhood Cancer Program and the ACRF Child Cancer Liquid Biopsy Program. We are proud to continue to support the mission to end childhood cancer for good.



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