ACRF Radiation Immuno-oncology Program

  • Research Institute: Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

  • Amount granted: $1.8 million

  • Year granted: 2020

$1.8M has been granted to Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre to establish the ACRF Radiation Immuno-oncology Program.

This unique Victoria-based program will study how radiation therapy also triggers host anti-cancer immune defences, much like a vaccine. This understanding will support the development of powerful new treatment regimens that optimise the use of radiation therapy alongside immunotherapy.

Associate Professor Gerry Hanna, Peter Mac’s Director of Radiation Oncology, says “almost half of all cancer patients undergo radiation therapy at some point during their cancer journey. ACRF’s support will enable us to purchase cutting-edge technology needed to study the complex interactions that exist between radiation therapy and the immune system. We hope this will lead to development of new radiation-based combination treatments which effectively harness the patient’s immune system to help them fight cancer.”