ACRF Lung Cancer Screening Centre of Excellence (LUSCE)

  • Research Institute: The University of Queensland Thoracic Research Centre

  • Amount granted: $2 million

  • Year granted: 2021

The ACRF Lung Cancer Screening Centre of Excellence will be a Queensland based, world-first mobile lung cancer multiplatform research facility focused on early detection research for lung cancer – the leading cause of cancer deaths globally.  

Focusing on providing screening services for people who live in rural and regional Australia this research, using innovative integrated imaging, breath and blood biomarkers, will determine the most effective ways of detecting lung cancer early when it can be treated, and avoid late-stage, incurable cancer. 

Lung cancer has a high potential of cure (67%) if detected at an early stage, but two thirds of patients present with advanced disease when the 5-year survival is less than 4%. Lung cancer also has a greater proportional impact on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, people in regional and rural areas, and those of lower socioeconomic status.  

This pilot program will develop and test a novel, mobile, multi-platform for lung cancer detection and reduce health disparities by ensuring equitable access to this screening program for rural and remote communities and at-risk populations.  

This pilot project will provide data that could support the establishment of a truly national lung cancer screening program.



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