ACRF Image-X Institute

  • Research Institute: University of Sydney, Central Clinical School

  • Amount granted: $2.5 million

  • Year granted: 2014

ACRF has supported the creation of a new cancer research institute, The ACRF Image-X Institute, which aims to eradicate cancer through innovation in imaging and targeted x-ray therapy.

The institute links technological innovation with cancer research and treatment, providing a site and forum where academia, medicine, industry and government can advance the science and clinical practice of cancer treatment. The institute will bring tangible real-world benefit to cancer patients undergoing cancer imaging and treatment procedures, with three interconnected themes.

The new institute aims to revolutionise cancer imaging, creating new and better cancer imaging methods that will allow more precise delineation of where to target the radiation treatment beams. More advanced cancer imaging will increase cure rates and reduce the human and economic costs of treatment-related side effects.

It pioneers targeted radiotherapy where the x-ray beams are focused on the most aggressive and resistant cancers, increasing survival and reducing the chance of metastases.

The research will enable global access to cancer radiotherapy by developing targeted X-ray radiotherapy systems that address both the high cost and limited availability of this important treatment technology: 135 countries around the world currently don’t have access to appropriate radiotherapy treatment.

Chief Investigators: Professor Paul J. Keall, Professor Michael Barton OAM, A/Professor Michael Jackson, Professor David Thwaites, A/Professor Roger Fulton, A/Professor Kirsty Foster.

News from University of Sydney, Central Clinical School
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