Canberra Cancerians Spring gala

Canberra Cancerians Spring Gala Ball

The Canberra Cancerians Committee is renowned for being one of the most successful fundraising groups for cancer research in Australia. In more than 30 years and through the amazing generosity of the Canberra Community, the Canberra Cancerians have raised more than $4 million for ACRF, in support of our shared belief that together we can outsmart cancer. In addition, the Committee enjoys a reputation of staging the most sought after and glamorous events on the Canberra social calendar, culminating in the prestigious annual Gala Dinner. The Australian Cancer Research Foundation is very grateful for the efforts of this incredible group of volunteer fundraisers.





Committee Members

  • Todd Wills (President)
  • Eugene Kalenjuk (Vice President)
  • Andrea Andrew
  • Geoff Andrew
  • Darelle Carmody
  • Caitlin Cook
  • Lisa Hansen
  • Nitin Kumar
  • Andrew Males
  • Elizabeth Mason
  • Michael Phelps
  • Natalie Rayner
  • James Service
  • Michael Sinclair

Contact the Canberra Cancerians

For more information about the Canberra Cancerians Committee,  email

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