6,000 Steps A Day For Cancer Research: October Challenge FAQs

When does the Facebook challenge begin? Registrations and fundraising commenced on September 1st, 2022. Your official 6,000 Steps A Day challenge and fundraiser begins on October 1st and runs until October 31st, 2022.

Is it free to register? Yes! We want you to be part of our fitness challenge. 

Do I have to fundraise? Yes please – every dollar you raise will go to Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF), to help fund research that seeks to progress and transform the way we prevent, detect and treat all cancers. 

Will I receive any incentives? Of course! You will receive a free ACRF fitness belt when you first sign-up. This can be used to store your phone, wallet, and keys while you’re out and about smashing your 6,000 steps. We will also send you an October calendar, so you can keep track of your progress as you go.  

What if I complete more or less than 6,000 steps in October? You are an ACRF superstar no matter what! Your physical and fundraising efforts as part of this challenge will help advance all areas of cancer research – prevention, detection, and treatment. 

If I miss a day, can I do an extra 6,000 steps on the following day to catch up? Of course! You can even catch up on three days in one if you like – it’s up to you.
What will the donations to my 6,000 Steps A Day page go towards funding?  All donations will go toward funding research projects that push boundaries and blaze new trials. ACRF has awarded 81 grants totaling over $171 million to 43 Australian research institutions. From small vaccines to big machines, our funding has supported some of the greatest outcomes in cancer research across Australia.  

What fundraising support can I expect? We want your fundraising experience to be fun and rewarding! Once you sign up for the challenge and join our FB group, you’ll gain full support from our community. The ACRF team will also provide tips and resources to ensure your fundraising is a success! 

Are donations tax deductible? Yes, they are! A receipt will be sent to the email address linked to your Facebook account. You can show this receipt when filing your tax return.  

When will I receive my fitness belt and October calendar? We will put your fitness kit in the post within a week of receiving your sign-up – make sure you register for the challenge AND fill out your details to receive the fitness belt. If it’s been longer than two weeks since you registered for your fitness belt, please get in touch with the team in our Facebook group or via fundraising@acrf.com.au.

How do I find my fundraising page? Your fundraising page will be visible on your Facebook profile. Simply visit your own page to find the link there.  

Can my friend / family member donate if they are not on Facebook? You need a Facebook profile to donate to a Facebook fundraiser. You can ask them to give you money to donate on their behalf, or ask them to donate to ACRF directly via our website or by giving us a call.  

How do I track my progress in October? That’s up to you! We will send you an October calendar so you can cross off each day as you go, but you can choose to track your progress however you like.  

If you have any other questions, please get in touch with ACRF’s fundraising team via email: fundraising@acrf.com.au