ACRF announces its cancer research grants shortlist

ACRF cancer research grantsFive of Australia’s best cancer research initiatives are in the running to receive a multi-million dollar grant from the Australian Cancer Research Foundation in 2012.

After an extensive review process, the final grant awardees will be announced at the ACRF’s annual Chairman’s Dinner in November.

The ACRF received a total of 12 applications for its cancer research grants this year, representing a need for $41.7 million.

From these 12 applications, the ACRF’s independent Medical Research Advisory Committee established a shortlist of five fantastic initiatives which will undergo further assessment.

Each application highlights an impressive, visionary project in the field of cancer research. Three have been submitted by research centres in Brisbane with one more in each of Sydney and Melbourne:

Centre for Clinical Research, University of Queensland, Brisbane

The UQ Centre for Clinical Research has applied for funding to purchase one of the first commercially available clinical (human) MRI/PET scanners. This application aims to establish a single site facility for clinical oncology imaging with hybrid molecular imaging technology.

Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Melbourne

This application is for cutting-edge technologies which will support the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre (a two-time ACRF grant recipient) in their research into rare tumour cells. If approved, this new initiative will create the ACRF Advanced Centre for Cancer Cell Isolation and Imaging, and it will monitor, isolate, genetically profile and biologically characterise rare populations of cells. This technology will be vital to imaging organs and tissues of living animals with very high resolution.

Sax Institute & the Cancer Council NSW, Sydney

This collaboration has requested funding to strengthen an existing bio-bank of specimens from approximately 150,000 people. The bio-bank is used to study environmental risk factors, the molecular causes of cancer, and then to develop new diagnostic, preventative and therapeutic interventions.

UQ Thoracic Research Centre, Prince Charles Hospital, Brisbane

With the aim of leading the next generation of early lung cancer detection research, the UQ Thoracic Research Centre have requested funding for equipment that will establish the ACRF Lung Cancer Early Detection Unit. The centre will be used to evaluate the role of integrated biomarkers, and personalised risk through low-dose CT screening in early lung cancer cases.

Diamantina Institute, University of Queensland, Brisbane

A recipient of two ACRF grants in the past, in 2012 the Diamantina Institute has applied for seed-funding to develop an individualised oncology care program at the University of Queensland’s Princess Alexandra Hospital campus. The centre will integrate research in the lab together with clinical studies and trials at the patient bedside. The ACRF Diamantina Individualised Oncology Care Centre will enhance research outcomes for all types of cancer, including blood and skin cancers.