Wedding bonbonniere with a difference

The wedding of Josie Standing and Ashley Pobje was a perfect day of celebration with family and friends on October 3rd 2010. Both Josie and Ashley have a family history of cancer and chose to support cancer research as part of their big day.

Rather than giving the traditional lollies as gifts to their guests – they chose to donate to cancer research and give each guest a ribbon to represent their donation. Josie & Ashley were hoping this would make a small difference and encourage guests to think about donating themselves.

The ribbons made a bigger impact than anyone expected. For one groomsman they were particularly significant as his father is currently undergoing treatment for bowel cancer and appreciated the gesture of a donation to cancer research rather than a traditional guest gift.

Thank you Josie & Ashley for your generosity and for including cancer research on such a special occasion & we are delighted to hear about your wonderful day!

For more details on how to support cancer research at your upcoming celebration visit Gifts to Cancer Research in Celebration.