Unbraid for a cure

For some people it is a big change to shave their head or colour their hair some outrageous colour, but for supporter Chakae D’Ellencourt that’s the norm in her circle of friends.

Starting out with brightly coloured braids in her hair she decided to do some cancer fundraising. Her chosen activity was to be brave and remove the unique colours from her hair in honour of friends who “have lost more than hair to cancer”.

After losing loved ones, and a close friend’s loss of her mother, Chakae decided to use her hair and love for performance art to create ‘Unbraid for a Cure’ in which she encouraged people to come along to local store, Voodoo Lulu, and alternative market to donate to charity and help undo a braid. With a number of generous friends and locals coming along and helping out after 9 days all the braids were gone (except one which was sponsored to be kept in)!

Chakae said “This project has made me feel better personally, as a concrete way of showing my friends I care about their losses”. This event helped to raise over $600 for cancer research, and also supported a local charity with the same amount.

We want to thank Chakae for her creativity in fundraising and to her generous community for their support of both Chakae and the work of the Australian Cancer Research Foundation.

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