Two world-class research centres to open in QLD

Mr Tom S DeryI’m thrilled to announce the official openings of two world-class cancer research laboratories in Queensland next Tuesday [19 July, 2011]:

It is a true mark of the superior research being undertaken in the Sunshine State that these laboratories are opening on the same day to guests from all over the country.

In 2007 ACRF provided $2.7 million and $3.2 million respectively in seed funding to establish both of these facilities. Less than four years later, the labs are operating, and more importantly, they are making significant breakthroughs in our understanding of cancer and the ways we can prevent, diagnose, treat and defeat this terrible disease.

The role of the ACRF Centre for Cancer Epigenetics is to identify genes involved in maintaining the genome in its ‘correct’ epigenetic state. This research is so exciting because of its potential to investigate presymptomatic, preventative care for Australians who have inherited susceptibilities to cancer.

The ACRF Comprehensive Cancer Genomics Centre will use cutting-edge technology to screen tens of thousands of experiments involving millions of cells in just a matter of weeks to identify genetic causes of cancer. Formerly this process could take years, but this is what ACRF funding is all about – saving time to save Australian lives.

With cancer now affecting one in two Australians, ACRF’s financial support to these research institutes, and many others across Australia, has never been more vital.

As Chairman of the Board, I am proud to say that ACRF has provided millions of dollars (over $71 million since 1984, and over $45 million in just the last six years) to every Australian state with a world-class cancer research centre.

Furthermore all of these funds have been raised by individuals, families and corporate organisations around Australia thanks to our unique funding model which allows every donation dollar we receive to go to cancer research. That is a fantastic achievement!

Please click on the links above to download the press release for each opening event.

From ACRF Chairman, Tom Dery.