This week: site visits to finalise up to $10 million in cancer research funding!

The ACRF’s scientific advisory committee is on the road this week to assess five world-class cancer research initiatives for potential ACRF funding.

Three of the shortlisted research teams are based in Brisbane, with one in each of Sydney and Melbourne. You can click here to read about each proposed cancer research project.

This week, these research teams will host our scientific experts for site visits and final interviews. These in-depth assessments will ultimately determine the final funding recipients.

The scientific advisory committee is an independent board of 13 esteemed cancer scientists in Australia – it is chaired by Professor Ian Frazer AC, co-creator of the cervical cancer vaccine. The role of the Committee is to identify the most innovative cancer research initiatives in the country and recommend them for ACRF funding.

Once these site visits are complete, the ACRF Board of Trustees will, next month, receive the Committee’s recommendations and confirm the final grant recipients for 2012.

This announcement, which is made public at the ACRF Chairman’s Dinner in November, marks the highlight of our year – when we are able to provide world-class researchers with the technologies, tools, and facilities they need to fast-track world-class cancer discoveries.