This is why we fight.

At the Australian Cancer Research Foundation we rarely need a reminder, but every so often we speak at length to a supporter like Basia Andrews, who recently lost her husband to cancer, and a shock goes through our organisation. This is what we’re fighting for.

“Gary’s battle with cancer started on the 2nd July and lasted for twelve and a half weeks,” Basia said.

“I miss all the little things that made our lives so much fun. A thousand little things, the touch of his skin, a thousand gestures.”

“As the cancer ate away at Gary I thought he looked more beautiful. His spirit, grace and dignity shone through more with each passing day…”


This is why we fight – to prevent tragedy, to give hope and, ultimately, to save lives through research. Please click below to read more.

In recent years, we’ve been thrilled to increasingly share some truly exciting discoveries with you. This is wonderful news, because we’re now able to see the incredible results of our donors’ and supporters’ generous contributions to cancer research.

However, major cancer research discoveries don’t happen overnight.

For example, in 1999, we were proud to fund Professor Ian Frazer’s work on the Human Papillomavirus, leading to the cervical cancer vaccine. We’re thrilled to now see this research having an impact on so many different types of cancer.


That’s why your support, today, is critical. With your help, we will speed up the discovery process.

Cancer can behave differently in each of us but at its core, cancer is cancer, and we fund ground-breaking research into all types.

The more we fund, the faster we are finding new treatments and cures for cancer. You can help us bring these cures closer by making a kind donation today.

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