The show goes on for ACRF rocker

MUSIC means the world to Melbourne singer & songwriter Martin Mahy and he will not let the onset of cancer related illness and setbacks stop him one bit.

Following the success of his first rock and roll benefit for the ACRF, comes news that singer/songwriter Martin Mahy has staged a second successful concert to aid cancer research.

Recently, top Melbourne music venue The Dan O’Connell hotel in Carlton jumped to the sound of rock and roll in aid of the ACRF with a line up that included: Simon Windley, Radiostar, Soft Vishnu and Mahy’s own band Mahyem with two new singers.

Previously the musician organised a benefit concert for the Australian Cancer Research Foundation attended by a large crowd of young music enthusiasts at the school hall of the De La Salle College in Malvern Victoria. The De La Salle school community has had a number of people affected by cancer over the years and Martin had the full support of the schools’ teachers, parents and students behind him.

Mahy, who has also been a 13-year Physics teacher at the school, said he wanted raised funds to go a credible institution and therefore chose the ARCF.

”We didn’t raise a fortune at our first two shows but still considerable funds were generated,” he said.

“I wanted the money to go to someone who would use it well and the ARCF was recommended to me.

“I checked out its website and was suitable impressed, it seemed like the real deal for me.”

Mahy said ACRF spokesperson Kathy Rendell had attended the first rock concert event and spoke to the crowd of music fans.

Tragically the musician/teacher said his own health had recently gone from bad to worse. “I report sadly that the next Mayhem fund-raiser might be my last,” he wrote recently.

“They’ve just given me scan results showing 6 new tumours in my brain. They’re going to try radiotherapy on it – but realistically I can only expect a few months on this planet. Unfortunately I have developed multiple tumours in my liver and lungs but regardless I am still totally into my music. It means everything to me.”

Martin said he had a particular interest in the research that is being undertaken by Professor Liu at Monash University, as it relates to his particular type of cancer.

Despite his serious illness Martin Mahy is planning a third rock and roll night for the ACRF in Melbourne. Stay tuned for details.

To find out more visit Marty’s website MARTIN ‘MAHYEM’ MAHY

Every dollar of every donation goes to cancer research.