The Fatman’s Great Aussie Trek from Geelong to Cairns comes to an end!

Brendon had always dreamt about walking around Australia.

After seeing a man and woman walking along the road in his home town for charity he was inspired to do the same. Five weeks later Brendon and his faithful dog, Jojo, set out on “The Fatman’s Great Aussie Trek”!

Weighing in at just over 145kgs, Brendon felt it was time to do something about his health – while also giving to a cause that would help the health of others.

His goal was to walk from Geelong, Victoria to Cairns in Far North Queensland – a trek that would take approximately a year to complete. He planned to lose 50kgs and raise $20,000 in the process.

Setting off on 21 February 2013, Brendon admits that he slightly underestimated just how difficult this walk would be. The days averaged about 30 degrees and the terrain was hilly, uneven and extremely tough on poor Jojo’s paws and Brendon’s knees.

They stopped often, exhausted, and Brendon considered sending Jojo back home to Geelong. But Brendon was determined to keep this trek going and soon they hit their stride. The pair started to average an epic 20kms a day with Jojo now sporting some pretty groovy looking booties to help protect her paws. They made headlines along the way, collecting funds for cancer research through each of the Australian towns they visited.

Brendon and Jojo reached Cairns on January 3, 2014 looking much slimmer, happier and healthier. It took them 316 days to complete the journey.

Both Brendon and Jojo weighed in at the finish line, with Jojo coming in at 5kgs lighter than when she left and Brendon having lost over 35kgs! Brendon also fundraised over $11,000 during his journey!

We’d like to thank Brendon and Jojo for their epic effort and dedication – you are both legends in our eyes and we couldn’t be more humbled by the support you’ve shown for cancer research!

If you would like to support Brendon please visit his fundraising page here.