The ACRF Accelerate program

This week Australian Cancer Research Foundation has launched an exciting new initiative. The ACRF Accelerate program has been designed in line with our mission to reach a world without cancer. The program provides prospective donors with a unique philanthropic opportunity to evaluate and contribute towards promising cancer research projects. 

Survival rates from cancer are increasing thanks to decades of research, but around 396 Australians are still diagnosed with cancer every day. The Accelerate program connects generous donors who want to solve the problem of cancer with projects that have the ability to do just that.  

Tom Dery AO, ACRF’s Chair said: 

A year ago, we could never have imagined the world as it is today. From the devastation of fires and floods, through to a complete transformation in the way we connect, work, access healthcare, and travel. 

While the pandemic has highlighted the critical need for medical research into vaccine development, there also remains an ongoing need for investment in cancer research. That priority remains unchanged, and ever present.  

Despite improvements in patient outcomes, cancer continues to impact far too many lives. With vast economic pressures transforming the research funding environment, the work of Australian Cancer Research Foundation and the life-changing ACRF Accelerate program remains more vital than ever. 

Over the past 12 months, we’ve been inspired by the many generous Australians dedicated to supporting globally significant cancer research through our Accelerate program. We’re proud to say that groundbreaking, world-leading discoveries are happening right here in our own backyard because of their donations. 

As leaders in philanthropic investment, ACRF is committed to the rigour, review and assessment of the projects presented in the ACRF Accelerate program, providing you with confidence that every donation will result in real, measurable impacts for those living with cancer. 

On behalf of the ACRF board, I’m proud and excited about the potential opportunity this year’s ACRF Accelerate program presents to donors and researchers committed to changing the human and social impact of cancer in Australia. 

We invite you explore these innovative projects and consider a meaningful contribution towards their success. Find out more here: acrf.com.au/philanthropy