Supporting cancer research in memory of Max Walker

supporting canecr research in memory of Max Walker

“On the 28th September 2016, Australia lost a legend. Max ‘Tangles’ Walker died following a long and brave battle with multiple myeloma, a form of blood cancer.

Max was a celebrated Australian Cricketer, a former AFL player with the Melbourne Football Club and most recently, a much-loved presenter and sports commentator in the Australian media.

Max was a close friend and client of our accounting company, Findex. By all accounts, he was a great bloke. When the community loses such a person, it touches the hearts of many and makes us realise how precious life is.

Max’s dearest wish was to help anyone affected by the terrible disease that ultimately claimed his life. When it came to supporting causes that were important to him, Max always said, ‘if you can, you must.’ So we decided to organise a group-wide fundraising campaign to support cancer research in honour of him, and of every great man and woman who have lost their lives to cancer.

Our employees really wanted to give back and Findex was willing to support that culture by matching donations. Together we raised over $17,000 in just a few days.

All employees were invited to wear casual clothes on the day in exchange for a donation. Some of our offices also held a morning tea to mark the occasion and encourage donations.

Everyone was happy to get involved as cancer research is a cause close to the hearts of many of the staff. Chances are most people know someone whose life has been impacted by cancer, and even those who didn’t know Max Walker could relate to the feeling of losing someone too soon.

Every day scientists are discovering new information that could one day lead to better methods of prevention, detection and treatment. We still have a long way to go but there is hope and all of us here at Findex believe this is a crusade worthy of joining.

The employee culture of our company has traditionally been one of generosity and we are happy to harness that community spirit as a coordinated group. In 2017, we plan to continue that focus on philanthropy with the launch of the Findex Community Fund.

Thank you to everyone who helped make this fundraiser a success, and to ACRF, please keep up this very important work. You made it easy to get involved and we look forward to hearing of your newest developments!” – Claire Quince, ACRF supporter and Findex Senior Marketing Coordinator

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