Supporting Australian cancer research in memory of my grandfather

Alex Lombardo“My name is Alex Lombardo. I’m currently a Senior Analyst at Deloitte. My mum, Carmel, and I have been supporters of the Australian Cancer Research Foundation for some time.

After catching up with their CEO, Professor Ian Brown, I gained an even greater understanding of exactly how ACRF grants work to help researchers find better ways of detecting, preventing and treating all cancers. I was inspired to assist, so my mum and I hosted a high tea for cancer research in memory of my grandfather, Consolato Federico, who passed away from cancer last year.

My grandfather was one of the most amazing and giving people you could ever meet. I hope I can one day be half the man he was. He was a very important part of our lives. We always lived close to him so his positive and inspirational influence was always around us.

It had a huge impact on our family when he was diagnosed with cancer. It was extremely difficult to watch him – someone I perceived to be a superhero – go through so much pain.

My mum and I had always wanted to host a fundraising event like this because we thought it was a great way to honour my grandfather. It was important to raise money but we also wanted to increase awareness of the impact of supporting cancer research in Australia. In the end, the high tea raised $8,335.00. Thank you to our friends and family who attended on the day and to the fantastic sponsorship we received from a number of local businesses.

It is my hope that one day, instead of having to treat cancer, we will be in a situation where we can prevent most cancers from happening in the first place. I want to help prevent everybody’s loved ones from enduring unnecessary pain.

I hope that others join me in supporting cancer research, the more people, the better our impact will be!” – ACRF supporter, Alex Lombardo

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