Streetsmart Marketing helps “Secure the future” for cancer research in Australia!

Strength in Numbers“Secure the Future” was a three day super-conference that took place in February in Sydney and Brisbane. In a massive act of generosity, the event organisers donated the cost of the base ticketing price to world-class cancer research in Australia!

Mal Emery, CEO of Streetsmart Marketing and Co-Founder of “StreetSmart Business School” chose the Australian Cancer Research Foundation as the beneficiary of this event and has raised an incredible $70,000 through ticket sales, to help in the fight against cancer.

Mal’s connection to this cause is due to his very humbling experiences with cancer.

“Like most people, my company StreetSmart Business School has been touched by cancer – deeply,” Mal told us.

“My wife, Polly, tragically succumbed to ovarian cancer several years ago. I can tell you from first-hand experience, it was harrowing.

“Also, my long term PA, Lou, fought and has beaten breast cancer. She no longer works for me, her treatment took its toll but as of October 2013, she was thankfully clear. We are very proud of her.

“And our Finance Manager, Paul, is a prostate cancer survivor.”

The conference was a huge success, with speakers including Mark Bouris, Executive Chairman of Yellow Brick Road Wealth Management and entrepreneur and renowned trend predictor, Harry Dent.

We’d like to thank Mal and the Streetsmart Marketing Team for donating such a generous amount to cancer research in Australia. We’re very humbled by their support!