Stef is losing her locks to fundraise for research

Australia cancer research

I admit to being completely obsessed with my hair – it’s my crown and a huge expression of my personality. I also love unicorns and unicorn coloured things, which explains why my hair is dyed in ever-changing bright colours. Despite the hair fascination, I decided to shave it off when a really close friend of mine was recently diagnosed with brain cancer and started chemotherapy. If she was going to lose her hair during treatments, mine could go as well. I didn’t want her going through the experience alone.

I was apprehensive about my decision but any doubts vanished after one of my lovely work colleagues shared her hair loss experience while receiving cancer treatment. She was on a weekend away with her husband for his birthday when all of her hair fell out. I could only imagine how confronting and distressing that would have been for her. While I can choose to lose my hair, and when, she couldn’t.

Like so many others, my family and friends have been affected by cancer; we’ve lost one of my aunties and my Noona to cancer and my best friend’s mother and sister have both died of cancer. Fundraising for ACRF and cancer research is my way of giving back to a community that dedicates so much time and effort into finding a cure for all forms of this horrible disease.

I have been really thrilled by the big-hearted support and encouragement received from my co-workers, local businesses, ACRF, and my family and friends. Since starting my fundraising page, I have received several generous donations, including from people who have never met me. And, retailer Peter Alexander sent a plush stuffed unicorn for my unicorn themed party on the night of the big shave – just one week before my 26th birthday.

The world needs more doers. I’m really stoked that I’m making a difference and hopefully taking ACRF one step closer to finding an end to all cancers.