Shave, colour and wax all for cancer research

Recently Janet & Ben Turner decided to change their look for cancer research through a variety of shaving, waxing & colouring.

In honour of those close to them that had battled cancer and those that had been lost to cancer, the mother and son team decided to do something different. Their excitement and enthusiasm quickly extended their event to include Jan & Julie, 2 other teachers at Janet’s school, shaving their heads and a special day for the students of South Australian School for Vision Impaired (SASVI).

With a huge amount of support from family, friends & colleagues – Janet, Jan & Julie shaved their heads at SASVI. This was marked by a day of celebration with both students and teachers showcasing their crazy hair! Ben then endured a leg waxing and beard shave that weekend!

Much fun and frivolity was had amongst the fundraisers and their supporters, raising over $3,400 for cancer research. Thanks so much Janet, Ben, Jan, Julie and SASVI staff and students for your outstanding fundraising & commitment to our cause!

We think your new looks are fantastic!

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