Sammi will run in City2Surf

I am a 20-year-old full-time university student who has always looked up to my family, especially my grandmother. She was my absolute rock and inspiration and taught me how to get past the bad in life and focus on the good. Perseverance, strength, grace, unconditional love, selfless, best friend, energetic, lively, full of life, are all words that without a doubt described my grandmother.

When my grandmother was diagnosed with cancer over a year ago, she would say, “I have only got a touch of cancer – that’s all.” She still managed to attend bridge club, book club, and continue as the president of her Probus Club right up until her last week with us.

As my grandmother’s health started to decline, I saw more of a purpose to fundraise for cancer research. She knew why I had signed up for City2Surf and always said she wanted to be there on the day to see me run. A special part of my heart will forever be held for my grandmother and I know she would be proud of my efforts. I’m counting on having some of her same perseverance and strength during the heartbreak hill part of the race!

Participating in the run will hopefully be just the start of my fundraising. I want to do more for ACRF’s cancer research efforts on-going and continue to take action. I truly believe more awareness is needed about cancer. I’m grateful for the donations received; it’s such a rewarding experience knowing you are helping towards something that can change the world for anyone with cancer and their families. There is hope.

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