Running for a Reason

Cancer fun run and cancer fundraisingOn the 27th May 20,100 people ran, walked, jogged and strolled as part of the HBF Run for a Reason in Perth. For each and every person there would be a different reason for their run – perhaps for fun, fitness, as a dare, a challenge or just something to do, but for 31 individuals cancer research was a key part of their reason.

The group of supporters for the Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF) were made up of long time contributors and some new faces all with a connection to cancer research and a reason for doing cancer fundraising alongside their run. For some they were running in support of their loved ones who had conquered cancer, for others they were competing in memory of those they had lost – mothers, fathers, cousins and friends. For Christine, the passion for supporting the ACRF came from the feeling that  “without the research, a cure, or at least more medications to help, would never be found” and for Cynthia it was a “want to do what I can to prevent anyone else in my family having to go through [cancer].”

Amongst the thousands of people a great day was had with many runners beating their targets and personal bests. An enjoyable day was had with so many people taking part and making contributions to causes close to their hearts at the same time.

We are grateful to all 31 of our participants for their cancer fundraising and support of the work we do, so thank you Alex, Anthony, Asima, Beatrice, Belinda, Bill, Bonnie, Carly, Catherine, Christine, Cynthia, Debbie, Denby, Emma, Gina, Jamie-Lee, Jodie, Kasia, Kelda, Lindsey, Melissa, Michelle, Michelle, Philip, Rachael, Rachel, Rebecca, Samantha, Sarah, Sean and Stephanie.

Thanks as well to all the people who sponsored these individuals and helped to raise more than $8,500 for cancer research!

Looking forward to seeing you on 26th May for the 2013 HBF Run for a Reason!

Are you interested in a participating in a charity fun run to fundraise for cancer research? Check out our sporting events page for upcoming events.