Regular giving – ongoing support for an ultimate goal

Since 1984, The Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF) has been continuously fighting against cancer by funding world-class research that makes a difference. This would not be possible without the ongoing support from our regular givers.

Regular giving to cancer research is a simple and meaningful way to honour the memory of a loved one, and make a real difference to fast-tracking the vital work of Australian cancer research scientists. We greatly value each of our regular givers who generously contribute to the ACRF’s ultimate goal for a world free from the devastating effects of cancer.

One of our more recent regular givers, Andrew Morine, tells us why he first chose to donate to cancer research and continues to do so to the Australian Cancer Research Foundation.

Awesome! ACRF website attracts regular giver

Full marks go to the team behind the Australian Cancer Research Foundation’s innovative website, according to regular giver Andrew Morine.

Morine, who is the co-owner and Principal IT Consultant for Orange Data at Oxley in Queensland, said he was attracted to the ACRF while exploring various Australian cancer groups and organisations on the internet.

“I was particularly interested in finding an organisation that focused on research and the ACRF seemed the most appropriate group after I looked around,’’ he said recently.

“I often go back to the website to see the latest developments that are coming through thanks to the ACRF. I find some of the research very interesting and it makes me want to continue on as a supporter for sure.’

Like many Australians, Andrew said he had a personal experience with cancer.

“My grandfather Alfred died at seventy-six from a cancer -related brain tumor,’’ he said. “It was ten years ago and affected my whole family as we are close.

“I always wanted to regularly support cancer and now that I have the financial means to do so, I plan to continue giving regularly.

Thanks so much Andrew and thanks also to the team at Sticky Digital who worked closely with the staff at ACRF to help create our website and fill it with interesting, informative stories.

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