Professor Ian Frazer appointed to MRAC

2006 Australian of the Year Professor Ian Frazer has been appointed to the ACRF’s Medical Research Advisory Committee (MRAC).

Frazer joins eight other highly established national scientists on the Committee, who are collectively charged with considering the Foundation’s research applications

Professor Ian Frazer, the founder and leader of the University of Queensland’s Centre for Immunology and Cancer Research, has proven the link between cervical cancers and the papilloma virus.

After almost 20 years of research, he has developed a vaccine with the potential to eradicate cervical cancer within a decade. The vaccine has been proven to prevent infection and reduces pap smear abnormalities by 90%. The preventive vaccine will revolutionise women’s health in Australia and across the globe.

Professor Frazer was helped in his quest to develop the vaccine by a $1million ACRF grant to the Centre for Immunology and Cancer Research in 1999.

Procedures of the MRAC include assessment of applications by referees and independent expert assessors, as well as site visits and interviews of selected short-listed candidates. Membership of the Committee is authorised by the Department of Health. Each member is appointed on a three yearly basis, after which they may either stand down or seek re-election.