Prime Minister Julia Gillard recognises the vision and foresight of the ACRF

Fighting cancer by funding researchThe ACRF is proud to have played a key role in a world-class collaborative venture that will see Sydney’s next comprehensive cancer centre come to fruition; promising personalised, targeted treatment and care for cancer patients of the very near future.

The new Centenary Institute – Chris O’Brien Lifehouse Cancer Research Centre will be a land-mark development, kick-started by $5 million in ACRF funding (the equal largest ACRF grant ever awarded).

Prime Minister Julia Gillard has generously recognised the vision of the ACRF in seed-funding this state-of-the-art cancer facility. She states:

“… the Centenary Institute-Chris O’Brien Cancer Research Centre is so important as we seek to better understand and treat this insidious disease.

“But the Centre will only flourish through the generosity of its supporters, and so I warmly congratulate the Australian Cancer Research Foundation for its donation of $5 million, a remarkable act of philanthropy.”

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