PepsiCo supports cancer research

One of our most active sponsors and fundraisers, our friends at PepsiCo Australia & New Zealand, visited the Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF) recently to present a cheque for over $12,000 for cancer research.

This generous contribution represents donations collected at an event hosted by PepsiCo and The Smith’s Snackfood Company employees, in honour of much-loved team member Agnes Connell who lost her battle with cancer in August 2009.

The company’s NSW & HO sales teams banded together to organise the event as a tribute to Agnes and everyone who has lost friends or loved ones to this terrible disease. The night was filled with plenty of entertainment, including a trivia quiz, silent auctions and live performances.

At the cheque presentation, ACRF Chief Executive David Brettell spoke of the importance of such fundraising events and their collective value in generating much-needed funds for our brilliant medical researchers. Through the generosity of individuals and our corporate sponsors ACRF was able to award $8.5 million in 2010 to breakthrough cancer research in Australia.

The Smith’s Snackfood Company and PepsiCo Australia and New Zealand are long time supporters of ACRF, and have also contributed greatly through their Helping Hands and workplace giving programs.

Warmest thanks to PepsiCo and the NSW & HO Sales teams for their ongoing support. Special thanks also to those in attendance at the ACRF cheque presentation – Scott Guthrie, Linda Setter, Tori Mitrakiev and Suzi Kokot.