New leader for top Australian cancer research funding body

The Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF) has appointed distinguished scientist and businessman Dr. Ian Brown as its new Chief Executive.

ACRF’s research grants, which will top the $100 million mark this year, have provided Australia’s best cancer scientists with the technologies, equipment and infrastructure needed to speed up discoveries and stay at the forefront of medical research.

ACRF Chairman Tom Dery said the foundation was thrilled to welcome Dr Brown who is currently an adjunct professor at Flinders University in Adelaide and special visiting professor at the University of Colorado in the US.

He is also former CEO and managing director of the highly successful Clover Corporation, an organisation focused on bio-delivery systems for nutritionally important ingredients and is also listed on the ASX.

“Dr. Brown comes to us with considerable international experience,’’ Mr Dery said.

“His business acumen will help take ACRF to another level and we’re tremendously excited by the potential to further cement our contribution to world-class cancer research”

Dr Brown’s working career has involved research and development in areas like nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals and food. This included the discovery, development and commercialisation of resistant starches as specialised dietary fibres.

Dr Brown has also been involved in a number of studies including the testing of an improved treatment for acute diarrhoea and the investigation of micronutrient utilisation in programs funded by the Gates Foundation.

“We’re proud of what Australian cancer researchers have achieved and we know that our grants have helped to fund groundbreaking projects and made a big global impact on cancer research,” Mr Dery said.

“Dr Brown becomes only our fourth leader in our 30 year history and succeeds our retiring CEO David Brettell who has made a great contribution over 11 years. We look forward to building on our crucial role in funding scientific breakthroughs of the future.”