Maddie and Tom support ACRF on their wedding day

Wedding donations to support Australian cancer research“I love picking out gifts for friends but there is nothing more special than the gift of giving, which is why Tom and I chose to support a charity on our wedding day.

It was a personal decision to select Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF). We chose this charity because my mum is alive today thanks to progress in cancer research and they are an organisation that has helped seed fund a number of great advances, such as the cervical cancer vaccine.

Mum was diagnosed with breast cancer back in 2012 but luckily they caught it early and were able to treat it. Even though her cancer has been removed, I know the experience impacted Mum deeply. The realisation of what could have killed her has left its own scar. I feel so lucky that Mum is still with us today.

Our families and friends all thought it was a great idea to support cancer research with donations on our wedding day. And why not? You can spend time making homemade jam or some other craft to serve as table favours. However, most of the time they are behind or they guests just never eat them. The more we can educate people about the importance of continued cancer research, the better.” – ACRF supporters Maddie and Tom

Know a couple like Tom and Maddie?

With many modern couples accumulating their household goods before they tie the knot, wedding donations are becoming increasingly popular.

The bride and groom to be can request donations in place of traditional gifts. Or replace favours or bonbonniere the same way. All funds received by ACRF in celebration will help fund new and better treatments for cancer. Click here to learn more.