London calling for cancer research

Believe it or not, Anouska Zerna (Noosh) really does like running! And next week she will be running 42.2km in support of the ACRF and world-class cancer research.

We wish Noosh the very best as she jets off to England on Monday to compete in the London Marathon – a goal she set for herself 7 years ago!

Noosh told us “There is definitely something in it and, aside from the post run highs and slender thighs, for me that something is a goal I have harboured for a long time – the London Marathon.”

Not even one of Australia’s hottest Alice Springs summers on record could stop Noosh from rising with the sun to get 30 or more kilometres behind her every day!

“There are days when I’d rather stick pins in my eyes than run, then there are the runs that make it all swing back the other way and the moments when I think about what it will be like when I’m actually running the marathon. This is when I know a few sleep-ins aren’t worth it, this race is what I want to do,” said Noosh.

Faced not only with an incredible 42km race to train for, Noosh has also taken to her fundraising target of $9,000 with enthusiasm. She rallied the local community, family and friends, and has now reached over $13,000!

“I don’t think I would’ve taken on this project had I not been living in Alice Springs. Once again I have been overwhelmed by the local support!” said Noosh.

Noosh leaves for London on Monday 15 April and will be competing six days later on 21 April. We’ll be cheering her on towards the finish line from all the way back here in Australia!

She’s done an incredible job bringing cancer research dreams closer through the significant funds she’s raised to help fight cancer, and for that, we thank her very much!

If you are interested in supporting Noosh please visit her Every Day Hero Fundraising Page.