June Appeal: Tax donations making new progress possible

Danielle-and-David-panelIn Australia, almost 50% of the population are expected to be diagnosed with cancer during their lifetime. The road ahead needs to be one of research and discovery, and that’s why we’re here.

The Australian Cancer Research Foundation is the only private charity exclusively funding the tools and technologies capable of getting to the core of this disease.

This June tax-time, we asked our supporters to contribute a series of tributes to the parents, partners, friends and children they have loved and lost to cancer. We would like to share them with you, not to bring you pain or sorrow, but because we know that everyone has a story like this to tell. These stories represent us all – each of us living, in some way, with the pain and fear of cancer.

We have the power to rewrite these experiences for the next generation. By investing in research solutions with us, you can be part of the cures.

Your donation before June 30 will enable Australian scientists to speed-up discoveries, making new options for cancer patients available sooner.