Judy opens her home again to fundraise for cancer research

Judith supports cancer research in Australia“My name is Judith, but I am Judy to family and friends and any new acquaintances. If asked to describe myself, I would say 71 years young, an optimist, pacifist, wife, mother of two, grandmother of four, and a friend to many.

In 2013 I decided to open my home and fundraise for cancer research, because I felt, and continue to feel today, that I should do something to help end this dreadful disease. Over the years, cancer has taken the lives of so many people that I love, and currently, four of my friends are receiving cancer treatments. I also had bladder cancer in 2014, but all has been well with check-ups since the operation.

Getting ready for a fundraiser is hard work and while my husband John thinks I’m a bit crazy for doing it, he does support me in every way. I also have friends who wouldn’t undertake a similar event themselves, but they are more than willing to lend a hand each year. Believe me, they are always a tremendous help!

My home is small compared to many others, but we manage to cram a lot of people in each year (from 20 to 41). There is always coffee and cake, or sometimes soup and sandwiches, for everyone who drops by. In addition to the table of gift items for purchase which I make, there is an auction of donated items, a guessing competition, a coin toss, and plenty of lively conversation. We are sometimes a bit short on space, but no one complains and we do have a lot of fun. Every person who was at my first fundraiser has attended all of my others. It is quite a thrill to have raised over $10,000 for cancer research since 2013. 

I plan to go on supporting ACRF and their cancer research efforts for as long as possible. If we stop raising funds for research, cancer wins. We can’t allow that to happen!

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