Jess shaves her head for cancer research

My name is Jess and when I was 14 years old, my mum was diagnosed and successfully treated for breast cancer. Eleven years later, Mum was diagnosed with metastatic (secondary) breast cancer, which really took her by surprise, being unaware that this could occur after being in the clear for so long. Mum is such a strong and brave woman, and someone that I look up to. I am determined to fight this battle with her, every step of the way, and getting behind cancer research is one way I can help to make a difference.

In taking on a fundraiser event, I decided to shave my head for donations. I haven’t had short hair since primary school so it was very long! I knew it would be a nerve-racking event but would also be my special way of supporting Mum as she is going through cancer treatment and experiencing hair loss. After doing some research on how my hair could be used, I decided to donate it for children who also experience hair loss. Hopefully, it will make a great wig for someone!

The whole experience of fundraising for ACRF was extremely rewarding, and the amount of support and love received from so many was overwhelming. Taking on my own fundraiser event has also inspired others to do the same. For example, a friend of mine is now hosting her own head shave fundraiser. The most important step in planning for a fundraiser is making sure you give yourself enough time to brainstorm ideas, including with others who have hosted similar events. If I didn’t have the support from friends, family, work colleagues, ACRF and local businesses, my event would not have been possible.

So many lives continued to be affected by cancer and when you see the suffering of others, especially those close to you, it encourages you to want to strive toward making a difference and support cancer research.

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