Jade says goodbye to her hair

“With or without hair, we can still be whole and have our full sense of self.”


As a Health and Movement Coach living in Byron Bay, I love inspiring others to lead a full and vibrant life by helping them to establish what works best for their body and health.

The decision to shave my head was made in support of cancer patients who are losing their hair during chemotherapy treatment, and to also make good on my promise to Dad of a few years ago to fundraise. My father was diagnosed with a rare type of Burkitt’s lymphoma in1990 and even though I was very young during his illness, there was still an awareness that it was a truly horrible, dark and stressful time for our whole family.

My father survived his harsh encounter with cancer but the hair he lost during that time has never regrown. It will be a super special moment to shave my head in acknowledgment of Dad’s amazing bravery during cancer treatments – we will be bald together.

I chose to fundraise for ACRF because of their commitment to research into prevention, diagnosis and treatments that encompass all types of cancers. My father’s cancer story is one of the good ones and that naturally motivates me to support others who are affected by cancer.

Our family is truly grateful and blessed that Dad is still in our lives, and I genuinely hope for that same outcome with other families who have a loved one diagnosed with cancer. Raising awareness and funds for cancer research is my way of helping to make it happen.