Help us fight cancer this Father’s Day

Donations in lieu of giftsA donation to cancer research is a gift that truly gives back, with every dollar going to world-class research in Australia.

Many ACRF supporters choose to give donations in lieu of gifts on special days such as Father’s Day through our ‘In Celebration’ giving program. We are so grateful for their support.

If your Dad is your hero (and really, whose isn’t?) why not honour him this Father’s Day with a present that will bring hope to families around the world?

Please click here to donate

When you make your Father’s Day donation to the ACRF, we will gladly post a greeting card to your father, including your personal message of love and support. He will also receive a letter explaining the kind donation you have made in lieu of a gift at Father’s Day. Please note we will not disclose the amount you donated, as the donation receipt will be sent automatically to your email or postal address.

Thank you for your thoughtful gift at this most special time of year.