Help fund new cancer research breakthroughs with workplace giving

James-Duncan-and-sisterNow that the new financial year has started why not set up regular donations with an immediate tax benefit?

Workplace giving is the perfect way to make a real difference to cancer research in Australia and as your regular donations are deducted from your payroll before tax is applied, you benefit too!

There are many benefits to workplace giving or corporate giving schemes for businesses, their employees and the charities they support. Workplace giving schemes provide an opportunity for employee engagement, with research conducted by the Charities Aid Foundation indicating that companies who offer these engagement opportunities experience higher staff retention. It also provides a common, shared goal between companies and their employees as staff work together towards an important goal – support for cancer research breakthroughs.

James Duncan, who is a current workplace giver for cancer research, explains how he made the decision to help his sister’s fight against cancer:

“My sister had stage 4 bowel cancer that spread to her liver. I cannot express the affect it had on her, her husband and our families in just a few sentences; suffice to say it was profound.

“The devastating events that occurred in the lead up to her diagnosis, her invasive surgery, treatment and lengthy recovery after diagnosis was an experience quite literally life changing for everyone – most of all my sister.

“She has won two battles so far, though the effects are ongoing. Her physical condition will never be the same and her three monthly check ups are a nail biting time. Despite the experience, my sister is resilient, strong and an inspiration to us all. She has made positive changes to her lifestyle and is a long way off meeting her quota of meltdowns.

“Workplace giving is an easy, simple way for me to make my stand against cancer.  It’s easy to opt in, opt out and control so is a no-brainer to me.”

If only 10% of working Australians made regular employee donations of $5 each week, their support would result in an incredible $260 million each year.

Find out more about workplace giving here, or talk to your HR department about your options for workplace giving.