Head shaving a big cancer fundraising trend this month!


It’s definitely beanie weather! And it seems a lot of our cancer fundraising supporters are looking to add a little more room under those woolly hats by lopping off their lovely locks to raise funds for cancer research.

Nicole Sharrin from WA shaved off her hair on June 16. She decided to take on the cancer fundraising challenge because “Too often these days I’m finding myself surrounded by those suffering with cancer,” Nicole said.

“At school, amongst my peer group, I can count beyond my 10 fingers the number of close friends and acquaintances I see daily, who either have cancer or are currently recovering from their battle with it.”

Nicole and her very generous and supportive group of friends and family raised an amazing $12,847! Such an amazing effort and we are all so inspired by her effort, dedication and generosity to cancer research in Australia! Thank you Nicole!

Dwayne Studt is another ACRF supporter who is choosing to lose his (dread) locks in support of cancer research in Australia!

Dwayne told us, “Having witnessed the bravery of my nana battling cancer it’s a charity really close to my heart. I know I’m not alone, everyone has been affected in some way by cancer so please dig deep and donate to a great cause.”

A big thank you to Dwayne who has so far raised over $1,200! He will be shaving off all his dreadlocks for cancer research in Australia and we thank him very much for his dedication. Such an amazing effort!

This weekend, Deb Johnston will be our next head shaver however Deb’s story is a little bit different. Although she is shaving her head in support of cancer research in Australia, Deb is also shaving her head because she is soon to start chemotherapy.

Deb has been diagnosed with a rare type of cancer – she is the 17th person, globally, to have developed this type of the disease and is passionate about raising awareness and funds to bring hope to all cancer patients and their families.

Deb has already raised over $1,300 and we are so grateful and thankful for her support – we also wish Deb the very best of luck with her ongoing treatment.