Great day to Run Melbourne

Cancer fundraising in Cancer fun runOn July a5, the city of Melbourne was taken over by runners, joggers and walkers as part of Run Melbourne. Amongst the 26,000 competitors on the day were 105 supporters who chose to combine their race with cancer fundraising for the Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF).

This stellar group was made up of all ages and included first timers and seasoned runners. For some this cancer fun run was a chance to regain their fitness, have some fun, or to challenge themselves. But for all there was also a more personal motivation – in many cases that was to run in honour of a loved one that was fighting cancer or had been lost to cancer. In the words of one supporter, Meredith, “It’s my hope that in some small way this run will honour the memory of a wonderful man who was a great father, husband, grandfather and friend to everyone he met, but it will also give hope to the thousands of families who’s fight against cancer continues”. In many cases those watching their loved ones fighting cancer feel helpless and for another supporter, Coralie, fundraising for cancer research as part of her running challenge was “the only thing within my power to do and could help people in the future”.

Despite some pre-race injuries for some, the majority of the ACRF supporters made it through the race in flying style. Many were exhausted but pleased with what they had achieved and “knowing that I’m donating to a fantastic cause motivated me”.

An outstanding $17,316 was raised from these fantastic participants, and the ACRF would like to thank all those who took part in the race, and all those who donated in support of their cause. A big thanks and congratulations to all our participants Kerrie, Richard, Jennifer, Sam, Juan, Meredith, Kylie, Steven, Sophie, Mike, Emu Australia, Anita, Deon, Clare, Emily, Lisa, Deborah, Steve, Pit Lane Team, Brad, Ryan, Amit, David, Antonio, Annabel, Wilson Watermatic, Nigel, Bulent, Kimberley, Anthony, Brent, Rachael, Samuel, Emma, Sara, Samantha, Tim, Kate, Nathan, Luke, Andy, Bianca, Columban, Rhiannon, Katie, Jacinta, Rebecca, Rianna, Alice, Craig, Robert, Coralie, Dineshka, Jonathan, Kristina, Michelle, Ainsley, Lauren, Christopher, Andrew, Nick, Craig, Steve, Kelly, Kerrie, Leslie, Jonathan, Maryann, Aidan, Team House Stark, Ben, Sheree, Matthew, Louise, Aonghus, Caroline, Kerryn, Nicola, David, Charlie, Ian, Peta, Rick, Emily, Darran, Winston, Linda, Gabes, Brad, Julian, Fergus, Anna, Justin, Uyen, Olivia, Sarah, Kevin, Eva, Richard, Simon, Tania, Lauren and Josh!

We’ll see you on July 21 for Run Melbourne 2013!

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