Grace does the cut for ACRF

cancer fundraising headshave

If asked to describe myself, I would say: determined, compassionate, disciplined, and aspiring to develop a career in the field of mental health. I study a Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours) at the University of Queensland, just handed in my one-year research thesis, and will be graduating from my undergraduate degree in December 2017. I recently submitted my Masters of Clinical Psychology and PhD applications and now wait to hear back with the outcome.

There is also the sporty side of me. I am very lucky to have represented Australia multiple times in Taekwondo at world championships.

I decided to fundraise for ACRF because too many people around me in the past 12 months have been diagnosed or affected by cancer. I struggled with not being able to do anything to help them so gathering donations for ACRF and cancer research was the perfect way for me to do just that.

After looking at ways to raise money, I decided on a salon event where 15 inches of my hair were cut off. The funds collected went to ACRF and my hair to Variety the Children’s Charity, which makes specialised wigs for children who can’t grow their own hair because of medical conditions such as cancer or alopecia. As a budding developmental psychologist, I recognise the impact that physical differences can have on children while they’re growing up.

We all know that cancer is a horrible condition that doesn’t discriminate who it affects. It impacts a person in so many ways. I believe in the values of ACRF, and what they can do for cancer research. Continued vital research is the only way that we can beat this monster disease.

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