Gosford teenager sells chocolates to save lives

Brittany Tait (pictured) a Year 7 Henry Kendall High School student from Gosford, has presented a cheque to the Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF) for the sum of $1,800 to assist in the battle to find a cure for cancer.

“As part of the ‘Leadership Program’ at school I had to complete a fundraising project, so I chose the ACRF as my charity of choice, as I want to help find a cure for cancer. I sold chocolate and people donated money. I raised $1,800 for ACRF”, said Brittany.

This donation marks a significant milestone for the Tait Family, and for ACRF – Brittany is the third member of the Family to donate funds to the Foundation in three years. In 2003 big brother Nathan raised $1,300 for the ACRF, and in 2004 her sister Amanda, pictured here with Brittany and Jane Daly from ACRF, raised $1,500 which she donated to the ACRF and Canteen.

Jane Daly, from the ACRF Sydney office, accepted the donation cheque from Brittany at Henry Kendall High School and presented Brittany with a certificate of appreciation from ACRF today.

Pics left to right below – 1. Jane Daly, Bob Lange, Deputy Principal, Henry Kendall, Amanda and Brittany Tait, 2. Bob Lange shows Jane Daly through Brittany’s Leadership Project, 3. Brittany presents $1800 cheque to Jane Daly.