Top-Level Domain will strengthen our search for cancer cures

The Australian Cancer Research Foundation is embracing the next generation of online communication with an application for the Top-Level Domain “.cancerresearch”.

Top-Level Domain names are part of a new web-based program to expand the Internet’s address system, and we welcome the opportunity to occupy an authoritative and exclusive digital space that will support our commitment to helping find the cures, through research, for cancer.

At the ACRF, we’ve funded over $50.0 million in research in just the last six years – and we have a passion to fund more. Our donors and other supporters know that we fund research which produces results. They also know that we don’t waste money.

Zero donation dollars have been used to fund this application. We’ve been able, for some years now, to fund all our running costs with returns on responsibly invested funds. Every dollar we receive in donations goes to research.

Research is key to beating cancer, and cancer researchers are making great progress. Continued rapid progress is only limited by money.

By providing a dedicated domain for cancer research information, news and ways to support researchers’ vital work, we are confident this TLD will enhance our ability to provide more funds to support this incredible research into all types of cancer.