Glenys' Appeal

Glenys’ Appeal: an excerpt

“Back in 1984, a wonderful group of people led by Lady Sonia McMahon (she was such a vibrant, and active ambassador for the ACRF) asked my husband John to help start up a charity that – free from government constraints – would fill a vital gap in cancer funding in Australia.

“They saw that great scientists were working in poor conditions with dated technologies, and by rectifying this situation, new treatments and cures would be discovered faster than ever before.

“Of course when we first came on-board we couldn’t have known John would one day be diagnosed with cancer. All we knew was that this organisation could make a difference. It could fight a disease which seemed to follow us around like a shadow….

“When I look at how life is supposed to unravel, I know that loss and death is part of the journey. But John and I met when I was 16. Now that he’s gone, I barely know myself without him.

“Sometimes I remind myself, and it helps, that anyone who supports cancer research or the ACRF as I do, has probably had the same experiences as me. We’ve had the same pain, and we’re in this together. That’s why I’m still here – still volunteering at the ACRF office every week, still doing what I can to help researchers find the cures for cancer.

“This year, the ACRF has shortlisted five truly world-class applications for funding – their independent Research Advisory Committee has never seen more impressive or innovative proposals. But the ACRF fears it will not be able to fund them all.

“With our help, the ACRF will get closer to making these five research dreams come true. If you are able to make a small donation, I couldn’t say thank you enough to show how much I truly appreciate it…

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