Giving regular charity donations through workplace giving!

One in two men and one in three women in Australia will be diagnosed with cancer by the age of 85. Each of us is keen to do our part to prevent both our loved ones and ourselves from facing this terrible disease, but often life gets in the way of us sitting down to make a donation.

Workplace Giving is one way to get around this. It’s a simple way for working Australians to make a big difference to cancer research via regular charity donations that are deducted from your payroll, before tax.

Employees can therefore enjoy an immediate tax benefit, while their regular charity donations work hard to make an important difference to our ability to fund cancer research.

Currently, only 1% of Australian employees donate to charity through Workplace Giving. That’s considerably lower than in other developed economies. However if just 10% of working Australians made a regular employee donation of $5 each week, their contributions would amount to $260 million each year!

You can be part of this change. The potential for new cancer research breakthroughs, given an increase in Workplace Giving support, is incredible.

Workplace giving donations help to provide the ACRF with the long term, stable funding we need to plan effectively and maintain our funding to world-class research.

Many employers also choose to match employee donations or make one-off corporate charity donations, giving each employee contribution even more value in the fight against cancer!

Read more about Workplace Giving here, or go straight to your payroll or HR department to discuss your options for workplace giving. We can also work with your team to implement a workplace giving scheme across the whole organisation.