Edward is a fundraiser at age 2

charity fundraising eventWe, Jayne and Onan, are the proud and happy parents of a beautiful son, Edward. Originally from the UK and Turkey, we have made Sydney our home for almost 10 years. We work hard during the week in marketing and finance and enjoy taking Edward to the beach on the weekends.

When Edward recently celebrated his second birthday, we organised a party with a theme of his favourite things – trucks and construction. Of course, there was also food, balloons, playtime, laughter, singing, and a special birthday cake. What was unusual for a toddler’s birthday party was our request that everyone make a donation to ACRF rather than bring birthday presents for Edward. Our son is fortunate to already have an abundance of toys, and we thought it would be a special gift for him to contribute to the important cause of cancer research.

Cancer affects so many people, and we’ve experienced one of our nearest and dearest suffer from cancer. Onan’s father sadly passed away from lung cancer three years ago.
We decided to fundraise for ACRF as we’re particularly interested in how they have contributed to impactful projects such as providing the seed funding for the world’s first HPV vaccine. We are impressed that projects which receive funding undergo strong scrutiny by a panel of eminent doctors and scientists.

We are extremely happy to have made Edward’s birthday party into a uniquely meaningful occasion. Friends and family who attended were all very positive about our fundraising efforts and made generous donations. Edward had a wonderful day and we look forward to sharing the story him when he is older.


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