Conquering Mt Kilimanjaro for cancer research

Intrepid mother-daughter duo Deb and Karen Short conquered Mt Kilimanjaro on December 25 2010, all in the aid of cancer research. Inspired to attempt the adventure in memory of husband and father Robert Short who lost his battle with cancer just one year earlier, they began their climb on the first day of his anniversary.

Taking time to celebrate the life of Robert, and filled with nerves and excitement, the determined pair was buoyed by the phenomenal support they had received from back home. In the lead up to the event, they had staged a series of fundraising events including their hugely successful ‘Africa Night’.

They began their travel in Africa in mid December, taking some time to enjoy the sights and experiences before beginning the mountain climb.

Amid below zero temperatures, they reached the summit in time to watch a beautiful sunrise on Christmas morning.

“It was hard, exhausting, indescribable, an amazing experience to last a lifetime,” said Karen.

The Australian Cancer Research Foundation congratulates Deb and Karen on their amazing feat and is sincerely grateful for the $26,000 they have raised for cancer research. Thank you Deb and Karen, and to all your wonderful family, friends and colleagues for this outstanding support.