Cancer Research wins City2Surf

The Australian Cancer Research Foundation was well represented at this year’s huge Sun-Herald City2Surf marathon.

82 dedicated supporters ran, jogged, walked and “crawled’’ on behalf of the Foundation in this year’s event, jointly raising over $25,000 for cancer research, made possible through the incredible generosity of more than 700 supporters.

ACRF supporters and their motivations

One of the larger contingents of runners included the Gatorade PepsiCo ACRF team who raised more than $1000. Their runners were greeted at the end of the race by a corporate team who provided lunch and a soothing massage for any aching limbs in a specially provided for tent.

PepsiCo said `We had more than 40 runners who took part in the event supporting six different charities, including the Australian Cancer Research Foundation.

“A lot of our runners, who were wearing our distinctive Gatorade t-shirts, ended up finishing high up in the field.

“Our company has been involved with the event for the past 11 years and this year’s event was a fantastic day for all concerned. We will certainly be interested in being involved next year.”

Some of PepsiCo employers have been regular supporters of the ACRF since 2008 through a workplace giving program.

Another ACRF supporter, Sue Sanossian said she took part in the event in honor of her brother Graeme Medo, 51, who recently passed away from cancer.

“Graeme, who died June 14 leaving behind a wife and four kids, developed cancer of the bowel and liver. At first they thought they had got rid of the bowel cancer but then problems with his liver set in,’’ she said.

“I was absolutely delighted to run on behalf of the ACRF because of the important research they are funding”

“I ran as “Team Cray’’ because my brother loved crayfish. I did have to train for the event but because I did this I pulled up ok. I injured my foot earlier this year and ran under a little pain but nothing like that which my brother faced at the end. I come from a large family who all supported my run. So far I have collected almost $1000.’’

Westpac banker Peter Stenvert who also participated on behalf of the ACRF, said he had trained with work mates before the big race.

“I completed the run in 65 minutes and 30 seconds. I was happy with that. I have to be honest though I did pull up a little sore after it.

I heard about you guys and looked up your site on the Internet and was very impressed with the work you do. Keep at it’’ added Peter.

Fitness trainer Kaz Muddell, 43, must be good at her job as she said several of her clients actually beat her to the finish line.

“Yes, they did which I laughed about but I did do it in a time I was happy with especially as I have a bit of trouble with my knees.

“I wanted to support the ACRF because I have a real fear of cancer as my Grandmother died of breast cancer. I think the work you guys put into cancer research is vital’’ said Kaz.

Other participants were the Getalife team who raised $225 for the ACRF and met at the historic Archibald Fountain before the start of the race.


The winner of this year’s event was 25-year-old Queenslander Michael Shelley, who was ecstatic as he crossed the finish line at a packed Bondi Beach, ahead of a huge field of more than 75,000 runners.

First woman across the line was Blue Mountains athlete and two-time fourth place-getter Melinda Vernon, who slashed a huge 1:43 off her best time to triumph in a day for breakthrough performances. It was an awesome performance.

A big thank you

Below are the names of all our supporters in the Sydney City2Surf, whom we thank so very much for such amazing efforts and results!

Your generous support will assist this Foundation in its mission to fund breakthrough cancer research in Australia.

Thanks to: Andrew Innes, Elinor Lascelles, Jonathan Palasty, Rachel Lewins, Andrew Steven, Elyssa Herd & Team “Running for Eliza,” Julia Puntoriero, Raynee Dewar, Anne Nguyen, Erin Chadwick & Team “Chadlink,” Justin Ree, Rebecca Stafford, Ben Watford, Fiona Turner, Kate Velevitch, Richard Bull, Bonnie Mulholland & Team “Global Medics,” Frankie Piper & Team “TuTufast4you,”  Katrina Henderson & Team “BodyShape,” Richard James (Running for Rachy), Brad Nardi, Grant Sundin, Kaz Muddell, Rob Armstrong & Team “DDM2,” Bradley Merrick, Harvey Stockbridge,  Kevin Mc Cabe, Roberta Kelly & Team “GetaLife,” Brian Shuttleworth & Team “Shuttleworth,” Hayley Kain, Kylie Jones & Team “Baz,” Rosemary Brett, Briony Stevenson, Hoang Mai, Lauren Walsh,   Sandra Carew & Team “Carew,”  Cherie Mabbott, Ian Nash, Leonie Katsillis, Sarah McCandless (Scatty & Waz), Christopher Anthony Ilinkovski, James Adams, Magda Sutch, Sarah McGill,  Christopher Carreck, James Kilpatrick, Marc Dorfmueller, Simon Halpin, Clariza Pearce & Team “Stompers,” Jamie Nelson, Mark Neatherway, Stephen Thomas, (Yoggers), Collette Wilson, Jayne Wordley, Mark Rosinski, Sue Sanassian & Team “Cray,” Daisy Donnelly, Jennifer Crowcombe, Meng Ly, Susan Christie, Daniel Corcoran, Jimmy Bullard, Monica Betancourt, Tanya Hart, David Cocker, Joanne Wynne, Mukund Guruji, Terryn Gaudry, David Hall, Jodi Sanders, My Chung & Team “RunRun,”  The Gatorade-PepsiCo ACRF Team, David Le Roy, Joe Lam, Peter Curran, Wilson Kung, David Ngaue, Joel Davies, Peter Stenvert, Dilek Akguen, John Grauer and Philippa Brown