Cancer Research gets Sticky

A call for online cases studies has resulted in a burgeoning relationship between the Australian Cancer Research Foundation and Newcastle-based digital agency Sticky.

Craig Wilson and his team at Sticky met recently with the Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF), who were selected by the agency to take part in a comprehensive search engine optimisation (SEO) case study.

“We recently called for applications for sites to conduct a case study on and were inundated with responses. It was difficult to select just one but ACRF stood out due to the philanthropic nature of their organisation and we felt it would be a great way for Sticky to help such an important cause,” said Craig.

The case study involves bench-marking the ACRF website’s current online search capabilities and then providing strategies and recommendations to improve results.

“This couldn’t have come at a better time for the ACRF” commented the Foundation’s Claire McArthur. “We have been doing everything we can to keep our site prominent and encourage online donations. However, SEO is a highly specialised and competitive field, so it’s great to have Craig and his team on-board to help us get to the next level” she added.

Sticky will be utilising their new NLYZR tools (www.NLYZR.com) to report the recommendations and to form the basis of the strategies. Through the use of the breakthrough website, NLYZR.com, Sticky can conduct extensive research into how users search online for terms around cancer and cancer research, and then critically analyse these findings to provide a set of recommendations ACRF.

“This has become a critical part of our business” said Claire. “ACRF’s promise is that every dollar of every donation received goes to cancer research and online promotion, getting information to supporters and receiving donations online all mean keeping costs down.”

“We have had a good look at ACRF’s website and current search rankings and are confident we can assist them improve their position and traffic,” said Craig. “In some cases a few small changes is all that is necessary, while other aspects of their site will benefit from a more focused strategy.”

About The Australian Cancer Research Foundation

The Australian Cancer Research Foundation is now in its 25th year of operation.

Individual ACRF grants exceed $1.5 million with no upper limit. This is unique funding for infrastructure, not available from any other private source in Australia. A grant from ACRF in 1999 kick-started 2006 Australian of the Year Professor Ian Frazer’s quest to develop a vaccine to prevent and treat cervical cancer.

In the last thee years alone, the foundation has awarded grants worth close to $30 million, with recipients including St Vincent’s Institute, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Royal Melbourne Hospital, Walter & Eliza Hall, and Ludwig Cancer Institute. This figure includes a major $5 million grant for the ACRF Centre for Therapeutic Target Discovery at the Parkville Comprehensive Cancer Centre.

About Sticky

After years of extensive research, testing and experience in pioneering Inbound Marketing in Australia, the digital team at Sticky Advertising in Newcastle launched NLYZR.com in August this year. The breakthrough website for businesses looking for an affordable way to improve their website search engine optimisation has already attracted enormous interest from around Australia and overseas.

NLYZR combines industry leading SEO software with the Inbound Marketing expertise and strategic insight of Sticky Digital. The NLYZR website combines a mix of free and paid reports and detailed recommendations. The Free Web NLYZR report is positioned to become the standard measure of website effectiveness in Australia.