Book launch to raise funds for ACRF – Gems of a generation

A death bed promise made to a friend by renowned author and journalist Sue Trethowan-Jones will soon pay dividends for the Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF).

The writer revealed recently that when she stood by the bedside of dear friend and former Victorian MP, Ann Henderson, she was asked to do something to aid the fight against cancer, which was soon to take the life of her long time and dear friend.

“Ann made me promise I would do something to raise funds for cancer research and every year since her death in 2002 I have organised an annual fundraiser in her memory,’’ she said from her Melbourne home recently.

“This year I decided to do something a little different and came up with the idea of doing a book about our Gems Of A Generation group.”

“The Gems is a group of fifteen well known Melbourne women who meet regularly at the house of fashion designer Adele Palmer to make jewellery’’ she said.

“In the course of making the jewellery a great deal of conversation takes place and some amazing life experiences shared.

“The stories of these women provides I think an exciting snapshot of the baby-boomer era”, said author Trethowan-Jones.

“The stories tackle a range of subjects such as child abuse, adoption, infidelity, divorce, cancer and much more.”

“The era is illuminated I think through fifteen heartwarming and candid stories of these women’s unique lives of high flying fame, glittering successes, fortunes made and lost, love, marriage, infidelity and divorce all told candidly.”

“Add the poignant struggles of the single mother, child abuse, adoption and rejection and I think it makes compelling reading.’’

Women contributing stories include Adele Palmer of Jag fame, television personality Annette Allison, water ski champion Rosemary Margan, Kerry Mansfield from the medical profession, air hostess Carol Sowerby, best selling author Robin Bowles, knitwear designer Rachelle King, fashion icon Sally Browne, nurse Jane Sherwood, Rosemary Luff from the medical profession, from the legal profession Doreen Stockdale, business women Allison Ermogenis, fashion importer Trish Neilson and shell artist Vicki Murfett.”

“It is not only I of course who have a personal reason to raise money for cancer research,” said Trethowan-Jones.

“Robyn Bowles and Rachelle King have both battled cancer and both Rosemary Margan and her daughter were recently diagnosed with the disease. Vicki Murfett’s daughter also suffers. This subject is very real and personal for us.”

ACRF Founder and Trustee Lady Sonia McMahon welcomed the new fund raising text and urged supporters to purchase a copy.

“It is wonderful to get the support of such a group of diverse and talented women for the ACRF,” she said.

“I am sure that Sir Peter Abeles with whom I founded the organization with in 1984 would be delighted to see how people have grown to respect the work and assistance we provide those fighting cancer.

Ita Buttrose will launch Gems of a Generation at Victorian Parliament House Friday February 20.

A special display of the women’s jewellery will be held in April to raise extra funds for those caught up in the recent Victorian Bushfires.

“Gems OF a Generation” books cost $24.95 and can be ordered by emailing jodieeemmett@mac.com or through most good book stores

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