Australia’s best researchers request $49M from the Australian Cancer Research Foundation, as the government commits to a boost in cancer care.

The Australian Cancer Research Foundation is proud to have received 13 world-class cancer research grant applications after submissions for 2013 closed last Friday.

The applications represent a need for $49 million in seed-funding for cutting-edge technologies and facilities, supporting the development of collaborative, innovative cancer research initiatives.

Every year, the Australian Cancer Research Foundation awards up to $10 million in cancer research funding. But this response to our grants shows just how important it is for us to continue fundraising and building the profile of research in Australia.

We received five applications from researchers in NSW, four from Victoria, three from Queensland and one from South Australia – it’s fantastic to see the research expertise within so many States represented in this mix.

These outstanding cancer research proposals have come to the ACRF at a crucial time, with the 2013 Budget announcement on Tuesday indicating its own funding allocations for cancer in Australia.

The $226 million dollar boost in government spending on the cancer sector will see improved care for lung cancer patients, timely bowel cancer and Breast Cancer screening, the development of a new prostate cancer facility and better access for patients to receive bone marrow transplants.

Here’s a quick snapshot of where this government support will be focused:

  • Managing lung cancer, improving end of life care and funding new research into treatment.
  • Accommodating the increased demand in bone marrow transplants and allowing Australians access to bone marrow transplants from overseas.
  • Expanding BreastScreen Australia, and enhancing patient access to breast cancer nurses.
  • Establishing electronic reporting for improved Bowel Cancer Screening follow-up.
  • Funding for a new, national prostate cancer research initiative.
  • Assisting with the distribution of chemotherapy medicines and improving cancer diagnosis and treatment reporting.

The Australian Cancer Research Foundation specifically provides vital infrastructure funding – helping Australian researchers to access advanced technologies and state of the art research facilities.

We are the only private funding body which provides this support to our Aussie cancer researchers, and we will now be advised by our esteemed Medical Research Advisory Committee as to the most outstanding of these proposals.

We look forward to sharing more information with you throughout the year, about which research teams or initiatives will receive our funding in 2013.